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This is a very boring post about my personality. Why? Because I'm on a roll today. I've been rolling for a while. And I like it! Yay!

People ask me a lot how I'm doing all the stuff I'm doing. 4th year medschool, InterPOL-tutor, Lekker Leben (and not just helping out during the projects but administrating the website, organising stuff, making up new projects...), teddy hospital (just 6 days a year, but still) as well as administrating a holiday apartment, doing housework and groceries, and my various time-consuming hobbies (singing in a choir, sewing pretty dresses, making jewelery from buttons, keeping fit (pilates and jogging, this semester), photography, cooking and eating - yup, hobbies of mine, blogging and reading blogs, reading books and fanfiction, TV... not to mention meeting friends).

So yeah. I know it seems like a lot. The truth is, I need to keep busy. If I don't, I'm a complete lazybird and don't get anything done. I have no problem spending the whole day in front of a computer reading and doing practically nothing, whiling away time on facebook and twitter, watching uncounted episodes of my favorite series, reading books by the kilo... That comes really easy to me. But: if I'm already doing something useful, I'm motivated enough to do something else vaguely useful afterwards. I learnt that in high school, keeping busy with extracurricular activities, running youth clubs, playing an instrument, giving extra lessons...

A really useful day to me is full of set dates, with spaces in between them. While I'm waiting for the next thing/seminar/date to begin, I can use the time to make lists, brainstorm things, learn segments of the current uni stuff, sketch out inspirations... stuff I never get done when I'm sitting in front of the vast entertainment of the internets.

Of course it's helpful that all the things I do are made up of ends I want to achieve and pure enjoyment - which can obviously overlap... ;-)

So yeah. That's how I roll. I'm rolling. And I like it. :-)
5.5.10 21:47
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