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on a rainy spring night

I'm feeling rather meditative tonight. It's probably an after-effect of my first Pilates class, which was really rather good, not to sweaty, not too hard but still slightly challenging - and it was held in the most beautiful university gymnastics room I've ever seen: on the top of the building, with windows making up the ceiling. It was raining and you could watch the clouds go by, it was wonderful. When I was leaving the building, I found the perfect music for my mood on my mp3-player: the first handful of songs from the first season Grey's Anatomy soundtrack. I've no idea what genre to call them, they sound similar to some songs I like on the "Sommersturm"-soundtrack... a little garage-band-like, not too high-tech, good voices, melodic but with a good rhythm. In the underground I felt kind of calmly happy, meditative and content. As I left and got up the stairs into the rain, it had that smell that's very rare here in the big city. Warm and wet and sweet, like rain and night and flowers. Not the wet hot pavement smell of summer rain but the more subtle wet spring flowers with a taste of early summer rain. It reminded me a lot of Nashville, where the spring months used to be warm and wet, not cold enough to mind being outside, you could sit under some umbrella and watch the rain, dream and enjoy the smell. Nice and meditative.
26.4.10 21:31
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