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So, Star Trek XI, hm?

So I went to see the Star Trek XI preview tonight. It was awesome. It was fun. It was engaging. It suspended disbelief. I wanted to be part of it. I didn't want it to end. I guess that's what a good movie should strive to accomplish.


There were a couple of points that fell on the negative side. One kind of bothered me right when it came up, the final maneuver to escape the black hole. I didn't think it made sense to eject the warp core to gain momentum because, hey, that's what gives them warp speed, isn't it? How'd they escape without warp speed? And how come time didn't slow down drastically, that close to the black hole? But well, a minor scientific point. It's SF, it can be overlooked.

The other thing was pointed out to me aferwards, and was that there actually is no moral point in the story, when most (all?) ST movies and series had strong ethical constructs. I didn't see anything besides the American when-in-doubt-sacrifice-yourself-for-your-county routine, and actually, violence and hot-headedness were rewarded by giving Kirk, who beat up 5 Starfleet cadets over a girl in the beginning, first the First Officer post and then Captaincy.

Other than that, the movie was awesome. Rich in action, awesome CGs, awesome effects, cute actors, engaging story, lots of in-jokes, some not so in-jokes... I was blown away by the make-up design. The Vulcan ears looked extremely realistic, and some of the other aliens, like the green Orion girl and the eyes of the midwife were fantastic. I loved the new Warp effect, and the way the starships moved, and how it was actually quiet in the vacuum of space. The Vulcan school was really cool and the way those Vulcan kids teased each other with big bad foreign words was hilarious. Young Chekov running through the corridors shouting "I can get them" was hilarious. Scotty's reaction to his own (future) formula of transporting people in warp transit was plain fun.

Ah yes. I'm going to watch the dubbed version with some other friends tomorrow. My heart's going to bleed, but it will be fun anyway.

Oh, and I was interviewed by some Paramount people afterwards. They really liked my stylish pointed ears and communicator. *lol* We'll see if any footage will ever make it into the internet public.

PS: My good friend Roman didn't like the movie. Much. But he isn't entiteled to an opinion, because he rates movies based on if the sountrack was written by Hans Zimmer. And he thought Nemesis was one of the best movies of all time.
7.5.09 01:35
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