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A Head full of Sky

I've got my head fully of sky tonight. Yes, that's a deliberate misquoting. If anybody gets it, brownie points for your taste in literature.

I love clear spring evenings. I love clear evenings, period, but tonight was really beautiful. I went grocery shopping before it got dark, and on my way back, I walked by an office building with mirrored glass fronts. It was incredibly beautiful how the still-bare tree branches were shilouetted by the shining sky. Yes, the sky shone. It usually doesn't, not during the day. Even when it's cloudless, the cerulean almost absorbs the sunlight, and doesn't reflect it. But in the short minutes of dusk, when the sun is just down but the darkness hasn't come yet, it reflects the sunlight and shines. The sky just over the horizon is yellowy-white and the higher up it gets, the more blue it turns. The clouds that hang low over the sun that has already set, glow orange with her light. On the other side of the horizon, the sky already turns lapislazuli and the first stars twinkle, if you don't happen to live in the city. Look at it, and you will see: the sky really does glow, even though the sun is down. And the light is only obstructed by the row of houses, and the trees in the little park. They're shilouetted darkly, and reflect in the glass.

30.3.09 20:06
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